Re: [NTLK] NY Times crossword. (Was Re: Question... What do you use your newton for?)

From: Loren Finkelstein (Loren_at_Finkelstein.Net)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 10:09:32 EST

On 3/3/02 10:57 PM, "Josh Shanks" <> wrote:

>> XWordBuddy, by lets you do any crossword puzzle that
>> comes in the standard .PUZ format, including NY Times.
>> You can download puzzles straight from the NYTimes website with either
>> Newt's=A0Cape or with the Newton's built in web browser (Nethopper, I think).
>> Or, you can download the puzzles to your computer, and then upload them to
>> the Newton.
>> Loren
> Hey is there any other place to get crossword files in .puz format because
> at the NY times you have to pay for them.
> josh

Litsoft, which makes the Across Lite software (the desktop standard for
puzzles), has links to several sites.


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