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From: doppler (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 00:53:06 EST

Lou Forlini [] wrote the following 2002-03-05

> Hey Alex,
> I think others have already said, *this is not a crackz and warez list*
> If *you* think software should be free, or sold on a sliding
> scale, then how about *you* write some software and sell it that way,
> and stop lecturing developers about what they should do with the
> results of their labors.

now hey lou!

who is lecturing who? i had to re-read alex post to ensure myself he was not
using an inapropriate tone, and actually - he doesnt! alex does not say
anything about what developers should change, he is just describing what he
likes. that is different indeed.

i agree NTLK is not for trading illegal software, but it is not for
misinterpretations either.

please lets not start another stupid thread!

(im outta here...)

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