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Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 00:45:23 EST

Paul Nuernberger [] wrote the following 2002-03-05

> Crap. Goods are priced by their maker in the coin of the realm they occupy.

it is *not* crap. ever heard of geographical price differentiation and
target group price discrimination? why resist sales volume for a lower

> Are you prepared to have a bunch of people tell you, personally, what you
> can charge for your efforts ? More specifically, a bunch of people who will
> DIRECTLY benefit from your labors ?

yes, isnt that a lovely feeling?

> If an author wants to charge what seems exorbitant to you it is his right,
> and his problem. If you don't like an authors policies, then do not support
> them. Period.

well maybe i wont ;-D i think you forget about the sharing spirit of this
community. if i can help you, i will.

but there is one but; if a developer supports a product, IMHO, everyone
should pay instead of moaning, since support is time consuming. to develop
something for the sheer pleasure of designing can be fun, releasing a piece
of software can be fun, but supporting bugs is not fun and should be
rewarded. if anyone pirates still supported software, it is somwhat of a
crime, yes.

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