Re: [NTLK] Newt parts @ Sun Remarketing

From: Nathan J Hunt (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 12:19:00 EST

> >
>> > It does sound intersting as my MP120 has developed a humming sound
>> > whenever it is turned on (and since there is no backlight it cannot be
>> > attributed). Thus I am worrying about my MP120 and have thought of
>> > a backup, yet $140 is a bit much.
>> It's none of my business of course, but if you can get a good 2100 for the
>> same price, why even contemplate a 130 ?
>> Robert Benschop
>Hello Robert,
> Yes, I agree which is just another reason why I think $140 is a bit much
>for an MP130. However I would like to possibly replace my MP120 (especially
>if the humming/buzzing sound it is doing when on is an indication that
>problems are occurring) with an MP130 (due to backlight and memory increase
>over the MP120) since I can actually carry this size model(s) in most of my
>pockets, albeit some a bit tightly. :-) And, while I adore my uMP2000 I
>generally use this machine for school and business, while my MP120 is for
>everyday address/phone numbers, appointments, and relaxation.
> I felt the current eBay prices I see for MP130's of ~$40-70 US, depending
>on what comes with it, was fair.
> I hope you have been well, my friend.
But then, of course, that $140 price includes a 1-year warranty,
which is good for a 6-year-old machine. A 2000 from eBay deosn't have
that kind of protection. On the other hand, I've got a 10-year-old
OMP developer's beta/prototype, and it's still goin' strong.



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