[NTLK] Newton->appletalk->ethernet->Hub<-MacOS 8.6<-T-DSL ?

From: Stefan Hassenstein (list.SH_at_gmx.de)
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 18:30:11 EST

Good evening !

Anybody with a successful connection of the Newt (2100)
via Appletalk, Ethernet to a Hub,
able to surf with the Newt using the DSL connection ?

Have the DSL connected via Hub to the Mac8.6,
running IPNetrouter (last edition)
(Hub is working, can connect via Appletalk-Ethernet
to NCU, Xport...)

Not able to see outside of the Mac with the Newt.

Anybody, for comparison issuses *german-T-DSL* user preferred,
with a running setup ?

Specifically, i am stuck on the sustworks pages, donīt know
wich configuration should be applied... ? MacIP ?
Do i need Enternet-300 ?
Any simple kind of Newton software to test my connection ?
Thumb doesnīt find a partner, with e-mail a connection couldnīt
be done and NewtsCape is a bit of overkill right at this moment.
Any ping-software for the Newt ?
Or do i have to install a demon on the Newt first to test it
from the Macside to the Newt ?

Yes, i know...there has been a substantial work and letters
done on this point, alas...i need a certain bit of initial ignition....

Thanks for reading !

Stefan Hassenstein - stef_at_orpheus.s.bawue.de

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