Re: [NTLK] Newton->appletalk->ethernet->Hub<-MacOS 8.6<-T-DSL ?

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 05:20:05 EST

> Anybody, for comparison issuses *german-T-DSL* user preferred,
> with a running setup ?
Not a german T-DSL but I tried several different things of which all worked
quite well with the Newton and allowed to download mail and surf.

> Specifically, i am stuck on the sustworks pages, donīt know
> wich configuration should be applied... ? MacIP ?
You need IPNR to create a internet connection and route the proper data
packages to the right computer, using IP masquerading. I'd a similar setup
and what I've chosen was static TCP/IP addressing, because I had bad
experiences with DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) and the Newton.

What has to be done?
1. define for each network device a different TCP/IP address. Use the
private address range for a C-class network, that is to (... 0.0 and ... 255.255 are reserved). Netmask is
2. Set up the DNS server address in each computer. Use what you got from
your ISP and if you have some others too, e.g. from your Uni or institute.
I usually have 6 DNS servers set-up and I sometimes noticed that a computer
in my home network didn't connect because I gave him only 2 DNS server
addresses which both where down at the same time (sh!t happens!)
3. Using IPNR you can have whatever you got to connect to the Internet. I've
used IPNR to connect via an analog modem but your t-dsl modem should work as
4. Set the side of the Internet to DHCP in order to have IPNR aquiring
automatically a TCP/IP address from your ISP. They want give you a static
address anyway, unless you pay for it a lot of extra money.
5. I remeber that I used a setup quite similar to the 3rd description in the
IPNR manual and I read the manual quite often to understand everything. Be
shure to turn IP masquerading on.

> Do i need Enternet-300 ?
I don't know at all what this is and I don't remember this from the IPNR
manual? Should you mean Ethernet I can highly recommend it. You will
probably need a hub or better a switch to connect more than one computer to
your private intranet and IPNR would provide its internet connection thru
the same physical ethernet connection to the hub as the Mac running IPNR is
using. IPNR would allow also the use of two ethernet interfaces (standard
buil-in and an additional PCI ethernet card) to get mor speed and have
separate connections for the Internet and intranet data. This makes sense if
you got a really fast Internet connection and want to use the Mac which runs
IPNR as server too.

> Any simple kind of Newton software to test my connection ?
NewtsCape or LunaSuite will do. There exist a Ping program for the Newton
but I've never used nor needed it. And of course the Newton "chooser" will
help you to find not working connections. You can have on one Mac NCU
running and search for it with your Newton. If it is found you know that the
connection is set-up properly.

> Yes, i know...there has been a substantial work and letters
> done on this point, alas...i need a certain bit of initial ignition....
You have to carefully check the Newton settings too. I think that you use an
ethernet card in the Newton and if not you have to disable it by hand
otherwise you'll get -61001 errors. If you use LocalTalk in the Newton 2100
you have to set-up a routing service from ethernet to LT, which is described
in the manual too. I have a personal preference to use hardware boxes
instead of software and bought an iPrint interface as well as an ISDN Router
(you would need a T-DSL router which should exist but want be cheap). Both
are doing independently from any software what you've to set-up in IPNR.

You might contact me personally or drop a line to +41 56 788 313 988. Ich
spreche auch Deusch :-)

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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