Re: [NTLK] stylewriter II question

From: Anton Balaban (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 15:58:30 EST

Sushi <> wrote:

> Then take a paper towel and run it across the heads in the direction of
> printing. If that didn't loosen it up, then I would go cross ways as
> well. On real bad cases, I would sort of make small circles on the print
> ports to get them freed.

Wow! It works! I already thought about buying a new cartridge for my SW II,
but after cleaning it works like new! Thanks, Sushi!
But I have another question about Style Writer II. Is it possible to print
on it from MP2x00 in grayscale? I tried to do it from NewtWorks (Drawing)
but it prints everything in black, although the drawing contains grayscale.
The same picture prints fine from my Mac. I tried to use other SW drivers
on the Newt (such as SW 1500 or 2500) but without success. Is there a
workaround or I just didn't cheked some important option somewhere?


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