Re: [NTLK] stylewriter II question

From: Sushi (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 08:44:12 EST

>On 2/26/02 @ 7:31, Philip Halsey wrote:
>I use a stylewriter and have lost the manual. I can't
>remember how to force a head cleaning. The print doesn't
>look nice and smooth like it used to.

Yeah, I am way behind on the messages...

Anyhow, what I used to do, which worked well for me, is that first I
would pop out the print cartridge.

Then take a paper towel and run it across the heads in the direction of
printing. If that didn't loosen it up, then I would go cross ways as
well. On real bad cases, I would sort of make small circles on the print
ports to get them freed.

Once the ink was flowing, I would then take a tissue and run it across
the ports in the direction of print. I would do this very gently.

Then I would replace the print cartridge and do a test print.

This solution has worked well for me on a variety of ink jet printers.

I hope this helps.


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