Re: [NTLK] NewtonTalk T-Shirts?

From: SlashDevNull (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 01:07:54 EST


  I'm in and I think we should do a polo shirt. They are marginally more
expensive than a high quality T. Over the Christmas holiday I got a bunch
of shirts printed up and the place they did them offered me a VERY nice high
quality golf shirt, with wood buttons, for $9 each. Of course it cost more
for the first shirt to set up the graphics and I had already bought $400
worth of shirts there, but we can get a very nice shirt for a decent amount
of money.

  I have a few suggestions for the logos.

1) Stay away from any apple logo.
2) Use the Newton Technology logo. That other company stole it, so why
can't we use it also.
3) Please no R.I.P, 'Long live', 1993-1998, or any such messages. The
Newton is still alive and I think that using such messages draws away from
4) Use a high quality T or preferably a golf shirt. I don't mind paying a
few bucks more if the shirt will last past 3 washings and not shrink to a
5) If we do a golf shirt, just use Ed's logo on the back of the T on the
front left breast.
6) There is no reason why we can't do both a golf shirt and a T.

  I liked Ed's suggestion, except I would get rid of the Jolly Roger. That
is SO Jobs and the Mac's. I would put a a smaller Newton tech logo or maybe
a small picture of a 2100.



> on 3/6/02 7:03 PM, Jim Anderson at wrote:
>> Man, you people are *such* geeks.
>> Count me in, by the way... ;-)
> What's wrong with a polo shirt, or rugby shirt, maybe? (I don't do tees...)

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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