Re: [NTLK] NewtonTalk T-Shirts?

From: Gerstein, Sam (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 17:27:30 EST

I personally would prefer that it not say NewtonTalk on it. I'll defintely
buy a quality Newton T-shirt, but probably wouldn't buy a
NewtonTalk-specific one. Not that I don't love y'all, I just think it'd be
tacky on a shirt. Am I alone in this?

Dave Golden wrote:
> I hope that we don't
> forget that these shirts are, just as importantly, acknowledging our
> association with the NewtonTalk group as well as the Newton
> hardware. In
> this spirit I would suggest that the word " NewtonTalk " run
> under the light
> bulb image, in gold/yellow, left justified ( in relationship
> to the logo ),
> preferably in a nice classy typeface like Times or Bookman.
> Dave

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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