[NTLK] webmail and Newtscape

From: Brian (bmcewen_at_comcast.net)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 14:27:19 EST

A couple? digests ago there were posts about yahoo webmail and Newtscape;

I use eudoramail.com for webmail when I need that feature, on a desktop
machine. I tire of all the ads screaming at me at yahoo.

You can login and read your Eudoramail inbox from the Newton with
Newtscape; once you login, you get a page that says "hey you need frame
support" but you can select the "content" frame and see your inbox, select
messages, view messages. To generate a new message or check other POP3
servers that you have configured already, you must select a different
frame at the start.

When viewing a message in the "content" frame, you have the buttons for
reply, forward, delete etc. So depending on what you wish to do, you just
pick a different frame at the start (either "content" or "left frame"
IIRC). "left frame" has the popups and links for writing a new mail,
checking other POP3 servers, editing your user settings, that kind of
stuff, "content" frame gives you your inbox or other mail folders.

But Yahoomail and Eudoramail.com both support checking with a POP3 client,
like Simplemail, and in fact I have setups in Simplemail for both those
POP3 servers, and check my mail on both every time I use Simplemail. You
are supposed to accept "junk" mail from yahoo to activate this feature on
the yahoo servers, but you can just choose to leave all the "types" of
junkmail unchecked, and you shouldn't get any (I don't anyway).

So anyway the fact that Yahoomail requires SSL for basic web logins is a
pain, but eudoramail.com can work, and you can check both servers with
Simplemail just fine regardless. And you can send from Eudoramail's web
interface just fine- if you select the right frame to get the buttons for
that as I mention above.

This isn't new news by any means, I'm sure I've seen it mentioned before,
but didn't see it mentioned the last time the thread popped up, in the
recent digests.

POP3 seems the way to go for me, but if for some reason you want webmail
and Newtscape, I'd suggest you look at eudoramail.com rather than yahoo.
Heck you can even check your yahoo account via pop3 and eudoramail.com's
web interface, if you like.

Hope someone has fun with the info;


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