Re: [NTLK] webmail and Newtscape

From: Brian (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 22:32:27 EST

>IIRC). "left frame" has the popups and links for writing a new mail,
>checking other POP3 servers, editing your user settings, that kind of
>stuff, "content" frame gives you your inbox or other mail folders.

This is actually a little incorrect in one respect: to get the very useful
"check other email" to work, you have to have manually loaded that link by
one of several clunky means (like, on a desktop client, do a "open window
with this frame" then emailed that URL to yourself, or something similar
(you can bookmark it once you are "there" in Newtscape the first time).

In Newtscape you can load the left frame and click on the popup and "check
retrieve mail" and hit the link- but the action gets redirected to a frame
which you aren't viewing, which does you no good :)

I'm not sure anyone really cares but since I said it worked.... best to
point it out else someone will try it and jump all over me, for sure :).

POP3 is still way cool for this. Although the Yahoo pop3 server sometimes
is verrrry slow to respond.

Anyway, if you want webmail badly enough, it is still possible :)


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