[NTLK] Idea for Newt Sync development

From: Andy Collins (andy.collins_at_belgravium.com)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 08:29:04 EST

Hi Folks,

I've been looking around for a sweet way of synching new Newt and desktop
together for a few years now but haven't really found the right tool.

I know there are solutions but they all involve doing exports to files,
monkeying around a bit and it seems, certainly on the Win PC side, that all
of the target software is barely supported, if at all.

I few people have suggested writing Win/Pc apps to help but I've been
thinking round the other way.

How about we come up with a Newt app that emulates Palm's sync protocol for
Palm Desktop? A bit like Sloup I suppose. That way, we'd have access to a
current desktop app.

It appears to be available for download from the Palm site for free and
even if they charged, I suspect that most people with the need to sync
wouldn't mind paying just to get some current software that does the job
without the file munging.

I've had a sniff around and it seems that the protocol is well documented
but I'm not as Newton proggy by any stretch.

Is anyone out there willing to have a go?



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