Re: [NTLK] Wireless Newt Setup - PCI cage?

From: John Ruschmeyer (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 10:29:10 EST wrote:

> On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, John Ruschmeyer wrote:
>>That's actually what I do here... P100 running NetBSD acting as firewall and
>>NAT for two subnets, one wired and one wireless.
>>The on difference is that I'm using an ISA PCMCIA holder (a discard from
> So where did you get it from and what brand is it??

It's an ActionTec running a DataBook chipset. Supported by Linux and
NetBSD, FreeBSD support may be there by now (it was in -CURRENT) the
last time I looked, but I didn't want to a non-release version.

It's actually an older model and could probably be found cheap on eBay.
I don't know where this one originally came from. At one point, all the
PCs in the lab here were equipped with them (for a project involving
FORTEZZA cards, I believe), but many were stripped out as the PCs were
upgraded to PCI-only motherboards.


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