Re: [NTLK] Idea for Newt Sync development

From: John Ruschmeyer (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 10:16:50 EST

Robert Benschop wrote:

> on 08-03-2002 2:29, Andy Collins at wrote:
>>How about we come up with a Newt app that emulates Palm's sync protocol for
>>Palm Desktop? A bit like Sloup I suppose. That way, we'd have access to a
>>current desktop app.
> But that would by nature be quite limited since the Newton has so much more
> features than the Palm (and I'm not mentioning the soup structure etc.)
> I would think that you're better off with the various export options we
> already have, but I wouldn't mind if I'm wrong here ;-)

My own personal suggestion would be that someone take a serious look at
SyncML (, an XML-based open standard for PDA

As a standard, it has been embrased by existing commercial products such
as Starfish TrueSync. If we had a compliant implementation, then we
would have the potential for decent sync to modern PIMS, mobile phones,
and other PDAs without all the hassles or workarounds that we often have.


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