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From: Darl Singh (darl_at_xpress.net.nz)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 07:14:27 EST

Hi Donald
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> Now for a couple more stupid newbie questions
> 1. When I try highlighting a word and doing the downward drag to change
> it from upper to lower case (as shown on page 26 of the manual). every
> time I do I either overwrite the selected test with an "I" or the Newton
> thinks I want to drag the selected text somewhere. Any suggestions?

Try starting outside the word - ie above if converting to lower-case -
sweeping through the word and finishing outside it. Essentially, it sounds
like you have the 'style' correct but need to make the movement bigger.

Note that once you get the whole word case-change working, doing the same
action but through the first letter rather than the body of the word will
capitalise (or make lower-case) the word.

> 2. This is kind of esoteric. Before I bought the Newton I read a post
> somewhere about a guy being able t write in Hebrew on a MP after
> choosing Hebrew from a 'Style' menu. I use Hebrew in one class and it
> would be handy to include Hebrew letters inline with my notes from time
> to time. Is there any way to do this?

Sorry - can't help with this one.


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