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From: Sushi (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 18:06:14 EST

>>On 3/10/02 @ 4:17, Mark Ross wrote:
>>I'm forced to disagree. System 9.1 (the latest you can
>>run on this system) is actually faster than versions of
>>8. They got rid of a lot of underlying useless code
>>that had gotten left behind in various updates. Plus,
>>having a 7500 (which I use at work, BTW) is a great
>>machine because it is so upgradable. I suggest finding
>>an upgrade on eBay for cheap. An old Newer card may
>>only set you back under $100 but can seriouslly improve
>>speed. Go for a G3 if you can find it.
>On 3/10/02 @ 4:39, Simon Muller wrote:
>That's what I experienced as well. 9.1 runs faster on
>my PM5300, than 8.1 did.

Uh, the last I looked, the PM5300 is different than a 7500/100! :-o ;-)

Anyhow, my comments were directed towards a 7500. Over the holidays, I
fixed one up for a new Mac user.

The 7500 is a good machine -- I am not disagreeing that. It is very
upgradable and has plenty of expansion. Plus it saves desktop space.

I did some time tests with System 8.6 (better in both speed and stability
than 8.1) and 9.1. I found that there were significant differences in
boot up times and system responsiveness.

This fellow was coming over from the Windows world, so boot up speed and
perceived system speed were very important to him.

I completely agree with Mark on getting an accelerator. It makes a huge
difference in the system performance. AFAIR, we installed a Newer G3/300
card which helped a lot.

We ended up going with System 9.1 on the accelerated system.

Another area that will help your system speed is your memory installation
configuration. You want to install the memory in matched pairs if
possible. Check the owner's manual for details.


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