Re: [NTLK] Macintosh Help!

From: Sushi (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 21:16:09 EST

>On 3/10/02 @ 10:29, SlashDevNull wrote:
>The reason why I say not to spend a lot of money is
>that you will more than likely really enjoy the Mac.
>So much so, you will probably want to get a newer one.
>And now is the best time to get a Mac. You can get a
>refurbished G3 minitower for @ $400, a refurbished G4
>for probably @ $700, or an iBook for under a grand.
>I am running OS X on my G4 400 and it is plenty fast.

Good point David.

This has happened with a few friends who converted over to Macs, only a
few months later to get a new one.

Any suggestions on a good mail order place to get a refurbished Mac?

Heck, even a new G3 iMac might be a good selection as well.

Here's the $799 version:

     128MB SDRAM
     20GB Ultra ATA drive
     CD-ROM Drive
     RAGE 128 Ultra w/16MB
     10/100BASE-T Ethernet
     56K fax modem
     15-inch display (13.8-inch VIS)
     Harman Kardon Speakers
     VGA Video Mirroring
     2 USB & 2 FireWire ports
     AirPort Ready

If you're willing to spend $200 more, you can get a G3/600, 256MB RAM,
40GB HD and a CD-RW drive.



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