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From: Mark Ross (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 21:20:07 EST

>Begin forwarded message:
>> I'm forced to disagree. System 9.1 (the latest you can run on this
>> system) is actually faster than versions of 8. They got rid of a lot of
>> underlying useless code that had gotten left behind in various updates.
>> Plus, having a 7500 (which I use at work, BTW) is a great machine
>> because
>> it is so upgradable. I suggest finding an upgrade on eBay for cheap.
>> An
>> old Newer card may only set you back under $100 but can seriouslly
>> improve speed. Go for a G3 if you can find it.
>> Mark Ross
>I'm with Sushi on this. I have run 9 on a PowerMac 6100 and a PowerBook
>5300ce (117 mHz 603e). In fact, I still own the PowerBook. OS 8.1 is the
>best thing to run on it... speeds things up significantly. It uses
>vastly less RAM, takes up less of my limited hard drive space, doesn't
>hit virtual memory constantly... it's just faster. However, I must admit
>that inspite of this, I am running OS 9 on the PowerBook, because it
>networks more simply with OS X on other Macs I work with.

I suspect the operative issue here is memory. If you have enough memory,
9.1 will be the better choice (probably at least 96MB). Less memory will
make the OS 8 versions a faster choice because it won't need to
constantly swap pages in and out.

Mark Ross

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