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From: John Goggan (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 08:24:52 EST

"William R. Dickson" wrote:
> I tried NetHopper 3.2 myself just this weekend, and what I found was
> that it doesn't seem to send the host field when it requests a page, so
> that servers that do single-IP virtual hosting just serve it up the
> default domain rather than the requested domain. Is this the case, or
> am I perhaps missing part of NetHopper?

Um, this works fine for me. We have several virtual hosts on the same IP --
and NetHopper gets the proper page without any trouble. Yes, it is HTTP 1.0,
but it does appear to send the host field properly. In fact, here is the
NetCat output when I had it listen just to see what the header looks like from

GET /test HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: NetHopper/3.2 (Newton)
Accept: text/html, text/*, image/gif, application/html, application/x-html,
application/x-httpd-cgi, */*
Connection: Keep-Alive

As you can see, it does send the Host field. Just FYI.

As an interesting side note -- I thought that Newt's Cape was HTTP 1.1 compatible? If so, then why does it also send "HTTP/1.0" in the GET request? Or am I using an old version (Newt's Cape/2.1eX-2(NIE)) or something?

- John...

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