[NTLK] MP2x00 Display Upgrade - latest update

From: Calvin Grier (cgrier_at_ix.netcom.com)
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 14:07:22 EST

Here's the situation:

We've got the first small batch of touchscreens in-hand. These touchscreens
were engineered and produced to be form, fit, and functional replacements
for the Mp2x00 series MessagePads. They are being made-to-order by a
touchscreen producer in the states. The optical characteristics of these
units have not been tested yet.

We have also worked with a backlight manufacturer to produce a white
backlight that fits the MP2x00 LCD module. It can replace older
Newton-green backlights. These are currently in-production and will arrive
in about two weeks. The backlights are designed and produced to fit the
MP2x00, and provide a pleasing white color for easier reading. Two solder
tabs are provided to allow connection of the existing messagepad backlight
power wires. Note: all EL white backlights generate less light
than the original green backlights. However, soft-white is much easier on
the eyes than
bright green.

At this point I am NOT ready to take orders. However, if there are
individuals who have MP2x00 Newtons that are dead or non-functional due to
touchsceen failures - please contact me.

I will update the NTLK list when the MP2x00 white backlights arrive. (I
should have about 40 of these to sell.)

I have made an update with pictures to the Display Upgrade web site:

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