Re: [NTLK] MP2x00 Display Upgrade - latest update

From: Calvin Grier (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 17:54:39 EST

I don't know exactly why they selected green, but the main factor was
probably the power budget.

If you run a device off of batteries, you want the most light you can get
for the least amount of power. Green EL backlights do that. However, using
Apple seems to have gone a bit off the deep end. I've often tried to operate
a new MP2x00 in a dark room and been blasted by the backlight. Sometimes it
would be nice to have a dimming function!

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Subject: Re: [NTLK] MP2x00 Display Upgrade - latest update

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>> Calvin,
>> I'm not expecting that you will have the answer, but do you
>> have any idea
>> why Apple decided to go with a green EL, since from your
>> explanations, it
>> seems that white is the obvious choice?
>The question was aimed at Calvin but sent to the group so here is
>my explaination:
>1/ Longevity.
>The green EL material lasts much longer than the other colors.
>2/ Cost.
>Green is cheaper.
>3/ Luminosity.
>The eye is most sensitive to green. For a given input power, green
>appears brighter.
>There are others but these are the main ones.

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