[NTLK] trouble connecting to mac with MP120

From: Chris Harding (charding_at_frontiernet.net)
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 22:55:25 EST

Hi again folks,
I appreciate all the info about a solitaire game for the 120. I found
solito deluxe 2.5 but someone mentioned that an earlier version would be
better. If some one could send it my way it would be appreciated. Also,
I'm having trouble connecting to my mac with this 120. I'm using
connection utilities 1.0, the one I use for my 2100 but when it connects
it immediately starts to create a backup. Thats fine but when it
finishes it disconnects. If I stop the backup it disconnects. It does
this every time. I'm sure there has been a thread about this but I don't
remember the solution (if there is one). I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks again,

Chris Harding

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