Re: [NTLK] trouble connecting to mac with MP120

From: Darl Singh (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 23:17:55 EST

Hi Chris
Thats because the only way NCU was supposed to connect to a NOS1.x device
was to back it for data transfer to a 2.0 device (except that Apple didn't
get NCU out for came out with we lost all our desktop
connectivity - but thats another story :-)

You need NCK (Newton Connection Kit) - try it once, you'll see why desktop
connectivity went backwards as fast as handheld computing went forwards (If
it worked with NOS 2.x I'd probably still be using it today -Hmmmmm any
developers interested? This MIGHT be easier than many other ports being
discussed - and it allows 'cutting and pasting' between desktop
applications......maybe some sort of macro-based system?)

Anyhow.... should be on UNNA. 5 disks on a Win system, AFAIR - don't worry
if the install errors out on the last couple of disks on a Win 9x install:
the app still runs fine.


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> Hi again folks,
> I appreciate all the info about a solitaire game for the 120. I found
> solito deluxe 2.5 but someone mentioned that an earlier version would be
> better. If some one could send it my way it would be appreciated. Also,
> I'm having trouble connecting to my mac with this 120. I'm using
> connection utilities 1.0, the one I use for my 2100 but when it connects
> it immediately starts to create a backup. Thats fine but when it
> finishes it disconnects. If I stop the backup it disconnects. It does
> this every time. I'm sure there has been a thread about this but I don't
> remember the solution (if there is one). I'd appreciate any help.
> Thanks again,
> Chris Harding
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