Re: [NTLK] trouble connecting to mac with MP120

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 06:09:48 EST

on 3/13/02 5:17 AM, Darl Singh at wrote:

> You need NCK (Newton Connection Kit) - try it once, you'll see why desktop
> connectivity went backwards as fast as handheld computing went forwards (If
> it worked with NOS 2.x I'd probably still be using it today -Hmmmmm any
> developers interested? This MIGHT be easier than many other ports being
> discussed - and it allows 'cutting and pasting' between desktop
> applications......maybe some sort of macro-based system?)

The NCK on the Mac for 2.x devices is Revelar Connection Utilities. You can
browse your soups and export from them quite simply. The only thing it lacks
is the ability to "backup" your Newt on the desktop and browse and sync that
file. Yes, I do miss NCK on 2.0... Sigh...

Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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