Re: [NTLK] Mad Max problems

From: Rolf Brakvatne (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 01:29:18 EST

I misspoke. The test.mp3 was from the iTunes plugin site and not from the
Mad Max site.

My apologies.


on 3/12/02 10:55 PM, Rolf Brakvatne at wrote:

> I am not running any apps, just AVI Background, and even if I shut it down
> and just had Extras as the background, the sound is still choppy.
> I used SparkME for X to record the sound file in AIFF format and converted
> it to MP3 via iTunes (OS 9.2). I will try just a sound file from a standard
> music CD and convert it in iTunes using the custom import mode and see what
> happens.
> I just do not think it will work because the test MP3 (Nokia voice) that
> came with Mad Max, was just as choppy on my eMate as it is on my 2100.
> RB
>> Rolf Brakvatne wrote:
>> I am trying to become familiar with Mad Max for a Mac club demo, but I am
>> having trouble playing any MP3 file downloaded to my 2100.
>> Particulars:
>> 1. Files are very small <100K.
>>> That is pretty small, but the file size is usually not a factor when
>>> considering playback quality.
>> 2. Files (AIFF) are recorded in mono, 64kps, 44.1kHz and converted to MP3's
>> using iTunes.
>>> 22khz should definitely be enough, but mono/64 kbits should play at
>>> least ok. I've tested with various bit rates and 112 seems to be the
>>> maximum for the currently non-optimized code. Do you have any other
>>> applications open when you play the files?
>>> Eckhart

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