Re: [NTLK] RTF Format

From: Waler Remson (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 22:58:29 EST

For those that have eMates sending files to your desktop computer is
easy if you have the application named "eMate Classroom Exchange". I use
this application on my desktop computer to transfer all my Newton Works
"doc" files and notepad files to my desktop computer. It even tranfers
drawings that I have created using the Drawing stationary in Works. When
you install Classroom Exchange at adds translators to "ClarisWorks"
which will open the files created by Classroom Exchange. The best part
is that I can edit or create new files on my desktop using ClarisWorks
and save them in Newton Works format. So all I have to do is use
Classroom Exchange to send them back to my eMate. No lost of formating
and anything else. You can even include graphics in your ClarisWorks
document have them displayed on your eMate.

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