Re: [NTLK] newtontalk Digest V2 #212

From: James Elliott (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 17:13:02 EST

Quite so. I can't stand Graffiti, but all I needed to do on the Newt
was stop crossing double Ts and Fs with a single stroke. There's a
guy I know who hasa a Palm but is so bad with Graffiti that he
carries a folding keyboard about with him and writes with it
exclusively! Despite the fact that he needs TWO pockets for his Palm
equipment, while I need but one for the Newt, he immediately started
bad-mouthing the size of it. But when I told him that I got it for
fifty bucks (this is a 120 (2.0)), that shut him up!


>You might even find a way of writing your "a" that will help improve accuracy.
>Yes, this means that you adapt to your Newton, but it is much better than
>learning Graffiti. :-)
>-Jon Glass

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