Re: [NTLK] Additional T-shirt suggestion

From: James Elliott (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 17:03:54 EST

My brother has that shirt. I agree that it would be an excellent
idea. If I remember correctly, it focused on things that other
platforms were touting as "new" that Macs had been doing before. We
could have some real fun at the expense of the Palm and WinCE


> wrote:
> > If anyone would like to see the Apple shirt to get an idea what I'm talking
> > about I could try to scan mine in and post it on the web.
> >
>Yes, do it. Put that shirt up for all to see.
>I like the idea of a Newton take-off of that shirt. It could have some
>reall funny stuff on it, like the "...still kicking PDA butt."

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