Re: [NTLK] Additional T-shirt suggestion

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 13:20:43 EST

on 3/13/02 11:03 PM, James Elliott at wrote:

> My brother has that shirt. I agree that it would be an excellent
> idea. If I remember correctly, it focused on things that other
> platforms were touting as "new" that Macs had been doing before. We
> could have some real fun at the expense of the Palm and WinCE
> machines!

Yes, but these things are a bit "over the top" for us non-geeks. I mean,
nobody I know would ever "get it" no matter how much I tried. "Ink
Different" on the other hand, is obvious as soon as you whip out the Newton,
and write, "What is your name?" :-) Besides, I like simplicity. The Newton
is simple and elegant. I know tees aren't elegant, but at least they can be
simple. :-)

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