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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 22:47:02 EST

on 14/03/02 21:33, Josh Shanks at wrote:

> on 3/14/02 4:42 PM, Laurent Daudelin at
> wrote:
>> On 14/03/02 16:33, "Eric L. Strobel" <> wrote:
>>> at the temporal coordinates: 3/14/02 3:46 PM, the entity known as Josh
>>> Shanks at conveyed the following:
>>>>> One question, though. On the polo shirt, I assume the graphic would the
>>>>> typical smaller polo shirt thing of being on the right breast, right?
>>>>> - Eric.
>>>> Yes, I was thinking of a simple newton logo with maybe one shirt saying
>>>> under the newton logo and another saying Apple Newton. What
>>>> do you think? Cost is not an option since I can get these at a good price.
>>>> Josh
>>> Perhaps the Newt logo with "Ink Different" arching above it and
>>> below it, kinda like a NASA mission patch???
>> Yes, I like this idea. Did you read this, Josh? Not a patch, but "like" a
>> NASA patch, though...
>> -Laurent.
> That does sound like a cool idea but I know some people that could emroider
> patches and then all you would have to do is buy the patch and iron it on
> yourself. But then again getting a polo shirt for $5 in a retail place is
> next to imposible. But I might look into the patch thing.

No! Not a patch. An embroidery with the Newton logo with ""
above, on a circular path, and "Ink Different" underneath the logo, also on
a circular path. Does that make sense or will I have to make a drawing?

I'd be game for a nice $15 polo with that embroidered logo. I don't want to
have to do anything when I get it, so it would have to be complete.


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