Re: [NTLK] PCMCIA cards

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 02:45:29 EST

on 14/03/02 23:41, Grant [Splendiferous] Hutchinson at

> In a previous message, Laurent Daudelin typed vigorously:
>>> Some time ago I asked Paul the same question and he promised to
>>> something like that. Where can I get that package?
>> Just grab the "Get Card Info" extension. Run it. Send me the content
>> of the note that it will generate to <>.
> Grab the "Get Card Info" extension from where, Laurent? It doesn't appear
> on either Paul's site or on UNNA. At least not under that specific name.
> Can you enlighten us?

I have attached it to the message, so Grant should have it now. It's your
responsibility Grant now that we never loose this extension!


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