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From: Phil Denton (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 07:14:22 EST

On March 15 2002, Robert Benschop <> wrote:

>Why would you, AFAIK Airport base stations are the cheapest solution (at
>least over here) and work with Windows as well.
>Robert Benschop
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Have a look at the link Robert.

The first paragraph under the heading "Orinoco RG-1000 To Apple Airport
Basestation" compares the prices of the Orinoco RG1100 @$150 or the RG1000
@ $180 with the Airport Base Station @ $300. I did not confirm those

Maybe they are wrong or comparing Apples to lemons, I dont know, but I
passed on the link for John to look at.

Smalldog has the ABS for $299 and the card for $99

I believe the Apple card wont work in a PC for lack of integrated antenna
so Tek-ed's link to the $50 card would interest PC and Wallstreet etc.
people as well.

Also FYI the Apple Store in Australia lists the Base Station @ A$699
($US363.48) and the card for A$199.

Phil Denton



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