Re: [NTLK] A data point on NTK and Mac OS X

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 13:51:56 EST

on 16/03/02 03:31, Mike O'Brien at wrote:

> From reading this list, I had gathered the firm impression
> that while NCU would run via Classic under Mac OS X, the same was
> not true for NTK, the Newton ToolKit development environment. At
> tonight's LANUG meeting, I gave it a whack. I used a Belkin USB-
> to-serial adapter under Mac OS X, and fired up NTK via Classic.
> NTK did come up. A first attempt to download the special development
> application package failed with a "NTK is unable to open the serial
> port" warning, all right, but I opened the Preferences and re-selected
> the Serial port via the Belkin Serial Port (it really shows up with
> this name). Once I did that, NTK was able to download the development
> package into my Newt and proceed to open an Inspector window.
> I didn't go farther than that - it took Way Wong's kind
> expertise to get me that far - but it seems to me that NTK will
> indeed run via Classic under Mac OS X, *if* you have the Belkin USB-to-
> serial drivers installed.
> I had heard that this would not work because Mac OS X does
> not have serial support (although I also hear it did in beta). If
> that is so, it seems the Belkin drivers remedy this.
> Funnily enough, I also had to open Prefs and re-select the
> port (a Belkin Printer port this time) when I booted under Mac OS 9.2
> and tried the same thing. Apparently the USB-to-serial adaptor has to
> be kicked lightly to get going no matter what OS you run.

No problem at all running NTK under Classic in OS X. Just download and
install "TCPSerial", and you won't have any problem.


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