Re: [NTLK] Hayes Optima 33.6 modem card

From: Dave Caolo (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 14:34:40 EST

on 3/16/02 1:22 PM, Peter Cameron at wrote:

> on 3/16/02 12:58 PM, David Golden at wrote:
 Make sure you've selected the correct PCMCIA
> slot in the modem prefs.
> Peter
This is true, as I had the same experience w/the same card. Just select
"any PCMCIA slot" so you don't have to be sure it's in the top, bottom,

I also hadn't fully installed the NIE (Newton Internet Enabler) on my 2100,
particularly the modem modem and ppp prefs. Make sure you have both.

When you pop in the card, does your Newt say "a communication card has been
inserted" (or something to that effect)? If so, your Newt does in fact
recognize it. From there, I'd ensure the above.


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