Re: [NTLK] New MP130 has arrived!!

From: David Golden (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 16:16:27 EST

on 3/16/02 2:43 PM, James Lopez at wrote:

> Cool, FedEx just delivered my new message pad.
> Wow!! its bigger than I expected--pen is cool. Came with keyboard,
> keyboard case, and 4mb flash mem storage card. No batteries though....
> So I run around house looking for any spare AA's and finally....ding!!
> It starts up...
> message pop up appears telling me backup battery is dead or missing--get
> new one immediately or I may lose data. There is one installed so it
> must be dead...anyone know where I can get one?
> Back light works. seems to be in good working order but I'm kind of
> confused. Where is everything? I've dl'd the 2.0 manual and will be
> checking it out later. But if there's any more advice anyone can give,
> I'd appreciate.
Hi again -

It's a Lithium cell: DL2032 battery. Apple still maintains a great deal of
information on the various Newtons in it's AppleCare Archive.


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