Re: [NTLK] who uses newtcase?

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 16:27:30 EST

on 16-03-2002 2:44, speedy2 at wrote:

> Just curious, does Gesture Launch work with ButtonBarPlus?

Don't recall if I used them in conjunction, but there's a package that comes
in NewtCase that alters your buttonbar as well (don't remember the name) and
you can ad much more to the buttons you have.

Firstly by adding a script that's triggered by the Gesture you chose (letter
or number) but you can have pull down menu's on each button as well that are
activated by a double tap.

From my own experience I would always go for either NewtCase/Gesture Launch
or Dashboard, had ButtonBar Plus for quite a while, after discovering
GestureLaunch I never looked back...

Robert Benschop

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