[NTLK] BrokeNewt

From: Andy Reed (andyreedmd_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 19:36:48 EST


I am a longtime Newton list lurker (three years at least), but now I need to
uncloak and ask for help.

My Newton 2100 won't turn on and I am using my backup upgraded 2K. I have
always used Apple in the past when I needed a repair and have always been
satisfied. I called today and it is NO LONGER SUPPORTED! In the immortal
words of bill the cat, AAAACCK! Can anybody recommend a reliable Newton
repair person?

The other option is to repair it myself, but I have no experience working on
electronics or computers, so unless its something simple like "clean the
switch with alcohol" I'm not likely to be able to do it.

My backup is starting to get the jaggies again, so I'm starting to be a
little worried about going Newton-less, something I haven't done since the
days of the 120.

Thanks to all

Andy Reed

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