Re: [NTLK] Urgent: white backlight experiences

From: Daniel Padilla (
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 07:32:51 EST

> I'm just preparing the installation of a white BL and wanted to know who has
> already installed one and what experiences you got. In particular I wanted
> to know the following:
> 1. Did you measure the actual backlight current (difference of e.g. Avi's
> Backdrop current reading with BL on minus BL off)?

    BL Off: ~62 (mA?). BL On: ~98 (mA?). Those are high values because the
memory chips I used for upgrading need more juice.

> 2. Did anyone with white or other colour BL notice any abnormal behaviour?
> That would be e.g. Interruptions, changes in whining frequency or even
> sudden switching off of the BL?


> 3. Had anybody a BL drive broken during installation or after a certain time
> of using the new BL?

    I've only installed one in my UMP2000. 2 years ago. I read many books in
my newton, probably more than 2 hours with BL on, and no problems so far.

> 4. Did you eventually measure the secondary current into the BL (attention,
> higher voltage!) or did you limit the secondary current by series connection
> of a resistor?


> I'm afraid that the BL electronics might break after a longer time of use
> due to e.g. overload and overheating of some components. The higher
> secondary current involves higher power to be transmitted by all involved
> components and since we don't have schematics we also don't have
> specifications of the components. I tried the white BL with one of my MP2k
> but only during its 1min sleep time. But the BL has to operate sometimes for
> much longer time and I don't want to blow-up or have my MP2k catching fire
> while playing Solito :-)

    Daniel Padilla

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