Re: [NTLK] T-shirts (colour, style, slogans etc.)

From: John Goggan (
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 00:07:52 EST

Josh Shanks wrote:
> Wow I am putting the list out of business by give the proceeds of the shirts
> to the list?

Exactly. :) Just to clarify, I was being completely sarcastic. I've been
"defending" you (Josh) from the beginning as I'd like to buy shirts both from
you and Victor. I was just letting my anger get to me over what started as
something so simple and is now suddenly a big deal.

If we need to do Jon's suggestion and just wait a while before you can sell
what most of us seem to want, that's fine with me. But, since you're giving
to the list too, then maybe not.

Whatever. I'm tired of arguing about it. I mean, wasn't Victor leaving for a
while because of all the crap going on? If that's the case, then why doesn't
Victor just ditch the entire idea, let Josh sell ALL of the shirts, and then
give the cash/donation/whatever to Victor for the list?? I mean, Victor seems
to burdened by this -- and we've got a guy anxiously volunteering to do
whatever we need! That's why I'm so frustrated about how this has gone.

So -- I'm out of it. When everyone figures out what the heck they plan to do,
just post and tell me where to send all my dang money. Thanks.

 - John...

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