[NTLK] Two questions: NCU's evil extensions that hate freedom and the Belkin USB adapter

From: Scott Rogers (scottrogerspersonal_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 00:22:27 EST

Hi all.

I know this is covered in the archives or the FAQ, but I'm apparently
incapable of entering the proper search terms this evening. I'm trying
to hunt down the source of my NCU weirdness (crashes, freezes, etc) and
I had a couple of questions:

1) Which extensions do I need to remove? There are, as I count, four
that NCU installs. Which ones do I need to uninstall?

2) Does anyone else have the problem of NCU simply not seeing their
Newton when connected via the Belkin USB adapter? Most of the time I
have no trouble, but every now and then NCU simply won't see it. Is
there some trick I'm missing?


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