Re: [NTLK] Two questions: NCU's evil extensions that hate freedom and the Belkin USB adapter

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 22:08:33 EST

>Hi all.
>I know this is covered in the archives or the FAQ, but I'm apparently
>incapable of entering the proper search terms this evening. I'm trying
>to hunt down the source of my NCU weirdness (crashes, freezes, etc) and
>I had a couple of questions:
>1) Which extensions do I need to remove? There are, as I count, four
>that NCU installs. Which ones do I need to uninstall?
What OS version are you running? If it is a recent one, you need to
ditch ObjSupportLib, AppleScript and AppleScript Lib. Be sure that the
new version of AppleScript is installed.

>2) Does anyone else have the problem of NCU simply not seeing their
>Newton when connected via the Belkin USB adapter? Most of the time I
>have no trouble, but every now and then NCU simply won't see it. Is
>there some trick I'm missing?
USB connections can sometimes get "lost". Unplug and re-plug in the
connector to have it "found".


Mark Ross

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