Re: [NTLK] serial connection at more than 57600 on Windows?

From: Karel Jansens (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 04:43:10 EST

On Tuesday 19 March 2002 00:41, Marco Mailand wrote:
> Am 19.3.2002 0:24 Uhr schrieb "Vladimir Alexiev" unter
> <>:
> > I got the ser57600, ser1115200 and ser230400 packages on my MP2000U. I
> > did the registry hack for NCU and I can connect ok at 57600.
> There's not only software which is needed for fast serial transmission,
> also the right cable is needed. You should get a cable with handshake
> wires too. A simple 3-wire thing is not enough and AFAIK above 57600
> Baud you'll need exact timing which requires at least 5 wires and
> possibly a screened cable.

I think it is a Windows thing: Using the same cable, unixnpi in Linux has
no problems connecting at 115200, but my (not extremely optimised, because
rarely used) Windows 95 installation regularly times out even at 9600.

I'm now experimenting with BasiliskII in Linux (I have to admit I got a
ROM image off and old Quadra that's collecting dust on a mate's attick -
would that be violating the Apple copyrights?), but up till now I don't
seem to be able to get the ethernet connetction going.

Karel Jansens

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