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Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 09:11:34 EST

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> Eh, aren't we missing the point here, the idea is pdf conversion on the
> Newt.

What did we all decide in that thread from some time ago? As I recall,
there were two schools of thought. First, do the conversion elsewhere into
a form that the Newt can handle, and second, get the PDF on the Newt, then
convert (on the fly?). But I don't recall if there was a consensus. (And
that was an awful lot of messages, so I don't really feel like searching
back thru the archives...)

Being a 130 user, I just can't conceive of doing the conversion on the Newt.
Besides, probably about half the PDFs I get are *HUGE* (multi-MB) because
they're collections of scanned pages. To shrink these you'd need to use the
full Acrobat to OCR them first, so why not do all the conversion on the

Actually, there might be a third alternative. What if there were an
"engine" on a website somewhere that you fed the URL of a PDF file, and it
either converts it to NewtonBook or HTML? (I'm thinking that if it's done
right, Palm users would access it too, but you could try and charge them in
order to fund it and leave it free for Newt users. :-) )

- Eric.


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