Re: [NTLK] [ANN] MAD Newton 0.6

From: Eckhart Koeppen (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 14:59:17 EST

Simon Roberts wrote:
> Interesting. Even though you haven't changed the decoder itself, 0.6
>from stutters and drop-outs much less for me than 0.5 did. Listening
to MP3
> tracks is now much more pleasurable. This bodes well for the future
since it
> looks as though quite a lot of optimization is still possible. I'm using
> 22KHz/64Kbps tracks which I produced with SoundJam.

Good... but you're right, there's still room for improvement.

> However, it looks as though playback from a stream got broken. The first
> time I try to play a stream, the Ethernet driver doesn't seem to get
> properly (LED doesn't come on, no error message). The second time I
try to
> play the stream, the driver gets engaged (LED on, Internet connection
> established) but I always get the error message -54008.

Ok, I'll look into that, I just saw that I get the -54008 as well.

> The "direct access" feature generally works but, with some tracks, if
I seek
> to near the end and then listen to the end of the track, it ceases
> before it should. Is there some sort of error in the calculation of
how much
> there is left to play?

Probably ;) I experimented a bit with setting the output offset, and
there were some instances where the Newton would hang. This is a bit
tricky because it's semi-multitasking.

> On playing a long track, I got a hang (Newton busy continuously)
after about
> 10 minutes. I needed to reset.

I haven't tried really long tracks yet but I'll try to reproduce that.

> The "active track" icon which I guess is supposed to show which track is
> playing in normal and outline views, appears in outline view for more
> one track.

Noted that as well.

Thanks for your feedback! I hope to have an update soon.


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