Re: [NTLK] emate battery

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 15:00:38 EST

Bryan Cantley <> wrote:

> if i accientally went on a trip and forgot to charge
> my Emate, and the unit will not power up unless i
> plug in the adapter, do i need to get a new battery,
> or is there a way to recharge and have it function
> close to normal?

   The battery may be dead, but try the following.
   Plug the AC adapter into the eMate, but NOT into the wall socket. The light on the eMate should glow red for a second.
   Then plug the adapter into the wall. The light on the eMate should glow orange. If the light on the eMate turns green in less than 15 minutes your battery is probably just about dead and will give only a few minutes service.


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