Re: [NTLK] Additional T-shirt suggestion

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 16:22:08 EST

There are all kinds of 'Newt-isms' on the net that can be used.
Favorite is 'You know you're a Newton-Addict when...', then list a few.
=2E..or 'day of week shirt', ...'Monday, Newt. beams virus to Palm', =
'Tuesday, re-did web server on Newton', 'Wednesday, downloaded mp3 version =
of 'The Wall', etc., etc...
>How about having a poll to come up with 10 or 20 "Newt-isms" like this,
>and then printing them all on the back (in casual font on some
>non-proprietary lookalike), like a Letterman Top 10 List (or top 20, or
>top 30, etc)

!ooW %-)
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