Re: [NTLK] Final call for what we want on polos

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Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 16:24:06 EST

at the temporal coordinates: 3/19/02 4:06 PM, the entity known as David
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> on 3/19/02 2:46 PM, Josh Shanks at wrote:
>> I am getting ready to do polos but the only thing is is that I don=B9t know
>> what you guys want on them. I was thinking we could but a yellow newton on
>> the front with ink different in white underneath it and below the colar on
>> the back we can put in white I will get final prices when w=
>> e
>> figure this out.
>> Josh
> I still like Laurent's design idea with the words ink different in an ark
> above the Newton logo with the words running centered,
> directly underneath the logo, with the graphic and type all in one location.
> Frankly, I could live without the ink different. I like to keep things as
> simple and uncluttered as possible.
> Dave

That nearly matches my 'vision' of the NASA-like thing, so, yeah, go with
Laurent's design.

I was wondering if there were any way to list (below the "")
which Newts the shirt's wearer owns. Almost like military folk wear
campaign ribbons. Just the types of Newts, not multiple items for each
individual Newt, otherwise Woo would have to get a shirt that extends to the
floor or farther :-)

- Eric.


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