Re: [NTLK] Final call for what we want on polos

From: Josh Shanks (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 21:18:33 EST

on 3/19/02 4:24 PM, Eric L. Strobel at wrote:

> I was wondering if there were any way to list (below the "")
> which Newts the shirt's wearer owns. Almost like military folk wear
> campaign ribbons. Just the types of Newts, not multiple items for each
> individual Newt, otherwise Woo would have to get a shirt that extends to the
> floor or farther :-)
That would be cool but very very very pricey if we are going to emroider the
shirts. I looked at some high quality shirts today for about 7-10 for the
polo and another 5 for emroidery. Which is higher than I expected.


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