Re: [NTLK] email via browser

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 16:42:42 EST

At 06:58 PM 3/19/2002 +0100, wrote:

>did you send them email about this?
>I would've but didn't have time to track down where to send suggestions
>(my earlier email to webmaster@ was never answered)

I just sent them feedback via their web-based feedback form, accessed via
the Help area within Yahoo Mail. I'll let the list know if I get as
response. Here's a copy.


I have tried accessing the Yahoo Mobile e-mail portal for PDAs at
<>, then taping "Mail" then "Inbox. I believe
there is some malformed HTML there preventing my PDA browser from accessing
the inbox. The URL in the link to "Inbox" is
<>. According
to official HTML specs, attribute values should be surrounded by " or '.
This malformed HTML is preventing my PDA browser from accessing the Inbox.

Can you please see about fixing this to conform to HTML specs?

Thanks and best regards,


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